Deformities can occur in the femur, tibia or both. Each deformity has to be carefully analysed in order to decide what type of surgery would give the greatest benefit to the patient.

Types of leg deformities

Varus Deformity (Bow Legs)

This type of deformity results in arthritis and pain on the inside of the knee joint. Most commonly the correction is made in the lower leg (high tibial osteotomy).

Valgus Deformity (Knock Knees)

This deformity results in arthritis and pain on the outside of the knee. Most often this needs to be corrected in the thigh bone (distal femoral osteotomy).

Complex Deformity Correction

Occasionally the deformity arises in both bones. It is also possible to develop such a significant deformity that correction in one bone is not feasible. In these cases we may need to perform a double osteotomy in order to correct the alignment.

Treating leg deformities

One way of treating deformities is to use osteotomies around the knee.