Offering a Helping Hand During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During difficult times like this pandemic, I would like to offer a helpful hand by offering a 100% discount for the first telephone consultation for all the patients with knee problems either as a consequence of sports injury during lockdown or worsening of osteoarthritis. Please get in touch either directly or through the Nuffield Hospital Newcastle and I will be happy to help.

Initial Consultation Fee

Self Pay

Face to Face: £175.00


Face to Face: As agreed contract with Insurer

Follow-up Consultations Fees

Self Pay

Face to Face: £100.00

Telephone Consultation: £50.00


Face to Face: As agreed contract with Insurer

NB: Please be aware that many insurers do not cover telephone consultations and prefer face to face consultations to occur. Please check with your Insurance company and obtain authorisation for a telephone consultation if you wish to proceed via this route otherwise you, as the patient, will be responsible for this charge.

Following the initial consultation and subsequent investigation a follow up consultation with Mr Nita is necessary.

Mr Nita will use your clinical history and investigations to support a diagnosis and future course of treatment. In some instances, this follow up consultation can occur either face to face or via the telephone.

Mr Nita appreciates that a telephone consultation can offer time, efficiency and cost-saving benefits and would like to offer this service where possible.

Surgical Procedure

Mr Nita operates privately at The Nuffield Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. All operation prices are set at the Hospital.

For further information please contact the Nuffield Hospital or Mrs Lisa Hughes who will be able to provide an indication of the costs.

Payment Terms

Insured patients

Mr Nita is recognised as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon by all the major healthcare insurance companies : BUPA, BUPA International, AXA PPP, Aetna, Aviva, Vitality, Cigna, Healix Health etc

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Operative procedures all have a code that insurers and hospitals use and an authorisation number will be required beforehand if using insurance.

Self-funding patients

Mr Nita will see all patients without private medical insurance who decide to fund their own medical treatment in the private sector. Following the initial consultation and any required investigations, a diagnosis and treatment plan will be made. Based on this plan a fixed price cost for any surgical treatment may be provided.

Please be aware that in general private hospitals will require payment in full before the treatment can proceed.